Project 2,996 – Alexis Leduc

Most of us know the names (or at least the faces) of the 9-11 murderers. Today, we shed some light on the victims.

Alexis Leduc, 45, was a maintenance supervisor for Franklin Templeton Investments.  He worked on the 97th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center.

Alexis was born into poverty in Puerto Rico.  He created a comfortable, stable and loving home here in Bronx, NY with his wife Isa and children Adolfo, Cindy, Elvis & Alexia.  Alexis’ legacy book site reflects the love and respect of his co-workers and neighbors.  Alexia writes a heartbreaking letter to her father every year.

Alexis loved collecting antique cars, baseball cards, Spawn figurines and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Here is the New York Times portrait of Alexis Leduc from December 2001.

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